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Water damage is unpredictable! We are experts in water damage restoration and we understand that there is a whole lot more to do than extract water. Because water and sewage damage is so unpredictable you’re rarely ready, but we are. You can count on us get your home or business just like new in a timely manner!

What is the process of water damage clean up?

1. Water Removal

This usually means water extraction to remove the standing water, as well as the removal of  waterlogged carpet padding, damaged sheetrock, and wet insulation. A professional water damage contractor has the equipment and manpower to handle the removal of water and of materials containing water, which moves you onto phase 2.

2. Drying

Fast drying with dehumidifiers and air movers mitigates the effects of water and moisture laden air during the remediation process. Dry air generated by dehumidifiers and directed by air movers draws the moisture out of the structure, hastening its drying. They also prevent secondary damage to areas that weren’t affected by the water originally. High moisture levels in the air can cause paint peeling, wood warpage, and mold growth in areas that were untouched by the water. Drying and dehumidification are extremely important for limiting the damage during water damage clean up.

3.Water Damage Repair

Once the structure has been deemed to be completely dry, the water damage is repaired to get things back to normal.  Materials that have been removed that have water damage, and items that have been damaged beyond repair are also removed. Typically a water damage remediation company will have removed baseboards or cove base and drilled holes along the bottom of the walls to facilitate the dying of the wall cavities. Pad, and possibly carpet will have been removed. Any reconstruction or structural repairs can then take place and materials that were water damaged, such as sheetrock, carpet and floorboards, can either be fixed or replaced.

Services that we provide include

  • Water Extraction and Water Removal
  • Emergency Water Damage
  • Structural Drying
  • Basement Water Damage and Water In Basement
  • Water Damage Restoration and Repair
  • Water Heater Leak and Toilet Overflow Cleanup
  • Dehumidification
  • Emergency Water Damage

Servicing the entire Livonia  MI area.

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House Fire
Cost to repair $175,000.00

Men were there on time and if my home was going to be empty Mr. West would call to update me on all issues daily. Job well done and in a stressful situation you were still able to come through.

Mrs. Parham